Is it time to upgrade your relationship software?

Here at Flourish, we spend a lot of time helping individuals identify when they may have some faulty and outdated software programs that are impacting their relationships. We can tell that they’re there and that they’re buggy when there are problems arising in the relationship. Those software programs are always running in the background, so the faulty ones will lead to less than ideal interactions in a relationship.

Exhibit A

A husband might believe that if he opens up to his wife and he shares his feelings with her, it will burden her emotionally. That might be a relationship program that is well engrained and always running in the background. We can tell that it’s there and that it’s causing bugs in the system because then he’ll withhold his feelings and information, and as a result, she doesn’t feel like she knows him. It’s causing flaws in the system and it’s time for an upgrade.

Here at Flourish, one of the things that I always love doing is incorporating our relationship expertise with some of the neuroscience strategies that the team and I have been trained in. We get to help our clients locate and delete the outdated software programs that have been running them. Then, we get to help them select more updated and adaptive programs. We help them install the programs so that they can have a different outcome in the relationship. For example, a more adaptive program for that particular husband would be recognizing his feelings and concerns do matter and that’s going to support him in putting them out there on the table. Then his partner is going to feel like she understands him and gets to connect with him even more.

Intensive Sessions

We have a series here of two different intensive sessions that are really designed for some of our more impatient clients who want to see results more quickly than if they were coming in for sessions once per week. Our intensives are also a great fit for those clients whose relationships are in a fair amount of distress and really need to get those faulty programs updated ASAP. CLICK HERE for more information on our intensives.