How can you tell when you need an attitude adjustment?

We’ve all had those times in our lives when we fall into a funk and we realize that we’re tired of having the same outlook on what’s going on in our life or maybe we’re tired of hearing the same story recycle itself inside of our heads. If you have been feeling stuck or if you feel like maybe you’re acting like someone that you just don’t want to be, then it may be time for a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Focus on your thoughts

If that’s the case, the first thing I’m going to encourage you to doIt's a problem when one or both of you are emotionally checked out is, pay more attention to your thoughts. Our thoughts have a tremendously powerful impact on us and we can shift the narrative anytime that we choose to. So, if I’m focused on my unhappiness, I’m probably going to start to expect the worst and be zeroed in on things not going well and that’s going to produce one outcome in my life. Alternatively, I can take a step back and I can make sure that my thoughts have some perspective. I can take some control and set some intentions around what I want my life to look like and what I want my attitude to be.

A chain reaction

Regardless of the thoughts that are running through your head, thoughts start a powerful chain reaction of emotions, hormones, and physiological experiences. Then out of that state that our thoughts churn up, that’s where we take action. So, if we’re focused on all the crap, then we’re going to churn up a bunch of feelings of being unwell and we’re going to choose to do things to act out of that. However, if we’re focused on more positivity then we’re going to stir up feelings more in line with fulfillment. Then, we’re going to take action out of that state of being.

It’s time to take control of the narrative inside your head. If you need any help doing that, CLICK HERE to contact us and set up your FREE initial consultation.