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Executive therapy is one of the fastest growing services for company leaders in the modern workplace. Holding an executive position is an extremely difficult task, especially when you feel like no one quite understands your plight. Fielding employee requests, handling projects and dealing with questions from superiors can all add up to an overwhelming work situation. However, when things seem to pile up and life seems out of balance, executive therapy is there to get you back on track.

Executives need a helping hand too

Our professional executive therapists understand that company leaders work under strict time constraints. This can often make one feel like they do not have time to work through their stress, which can make work seem even more overwhelming. We strive to dive deep into these issues to uncover what is stopping an executive from doing their best work. In this way, we help company leaders combat burnout and get back on the road to success.

When an executive is feeling overwhelmed, the entire company can start to deteriorate as a result. This is a big responsibility. Always having to show a strong face while accomplishing tasks can seem difficult. Many executives feel that they must always appear strong, upholding the image of their company. Reaching out for help may seem like a weakness, but in fact, it is the strongest leaders that know when to ask for help.

What happens in an executive therapy session?

Whether the session is for one executive, or for an executive and their team members, we offer onsite therapy sessions to deal with issues while in the work environment. Sometimes, it is as simple as taking a few sessions to voice complaints and frustrations in a healthy way, with a third party sitting in. Individuals may take a few more sessions, as deep-rooted issues can take a while to solve.

During an executive therapy session, the executive will voice their frustrations and daily stresses to one of our highly skilled professionals. The professional will then help the executive to organize their thoughts, and find strategies in thinking about these stresses in a positive light. These strategies are meant to build a foundation of strength that the company leader can then use to overcome future and present obstacles.

As the session continues, we help the executive to receive perspective on their current situation. This helps problems seem smaller and more manageable. This also allows the executive to better prioritize tasks and strategically plan future solutions when these issues arise again. Talking through daily issues assists the executive in assessing all of their options and consequences, as well as preferences.

The change that we create with our skilled executive therapy program is long-lasting, fitting into both the psychological aspect of our daily and workplace lives. Separating home life from work life is valuable in dealing with a high stress position. Going home and being able to relax is another pathway we will discuss while in session.

Executive therapy can get you back on track

We realize that modern work life can be stressful. We believe we can help you become the best leader you can be. Call our office today to schedule an appointment and get you back on the road to efficiency.

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