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For all of you who have been really stressed out and are questioning whether or not the current path you’re on professionally is sustainable, I want to have a conversation and encourage you to really dig in and analyze the situation that you’re in. 

When I do marriage counseling with some couples, sometimes we walk them through a process that we call stay-or-go therapy, in which they really get to analyze which direction they want to move in and get clear on their reasons why. 

Oftentimes doing our own career stay-or-go evaluation is the healthiest thing that we can do for ourselves. It allows you to really identify the current dynamics that are going on for you professionally that are having the greatest negative impact on your well-being and it also allows you to gain clarity on which of those components you might actually have some influence over, or even the autonomy to shift. Of course, we are all bringing something to the table on our own all the time. 

Once you have that clarity, it gives you greater optionality for moving forward. 

Perhaps you will decide to change the trajectory of your career and that could lead to wonderful things. Or, perhaps you will decide to stay the course and if so, you are really going to benefit from developing a greater set of tools to help you move forward in a way that is less exhausting than what you have been and that’s what I’m here for.