Couples therapy is always beneficial! Truthfully, couples therapy is always beneficial, even if you do not have any apparent problems within your relationship. All couples find understanding each other more advantageous because communicating clearly and without judgment and seeing things from your partner’s perspective are what make successful relationships possible. If you feel as though problems exist within your relationship, but you cannot pinpoint what they are, seek out couples therapy regardless. We can help you unearth the issues at hand. In the meantime, the following scenarios are other examples of situations for which couples therapy can be helpful.

Communication has stopped altogether or is consistently negative.

This is a common reason couples visit for therapy. When the communication begins to fail in marriage, problems are present and more issues are ahead. When you cannot communicate about your feelings like you should, you cannot resolve the problems that exist. Without help from couples therapy, it can be an enormous challenge to get your marriage back on track. If you feel like negative communication is present, and you are feeling unloved, depressed, insulted, or insecure, seek out couples therapy as soon as possible. Your partner or spouse should never make you feel this way, and we can help the two of you understand each other and support each other once again.

Children are being affected by the unhealthy relationship.

If you have kids and you have problems within your marriage or partnership, they are being affected whether or not you realize it or want to admit it. Children are incredibly perceptive and can see when their parents are unhappy, scared, or confused. These problems reflect on the child’s development, current and future relationships, and even their success in school. If you are a guardian of a child and you have noticed a lag in your relationship with your partner, couples therapy could be beneficial not just for you and your partner but also for your family as a whole. While many couples stay together “for the children,” this is not always the best route to take, but it is worth attempting to work through by receiving therapy.

Someone is cheating: physically or emotionally.

Cheating comes in many different forms outside of a sexual relationship with someone who is not a part of the relationship. If you or your partner or spouse is having an affair, toying with the thought of having an affair, or even subconsciously paying more attention to others outside the relationship, couples therapy is needed to strengthen the relationship immediately. Affairs can be hard to work through, but it is vital that you try. Some relationships become stronger after issues like this are worked through, dealt with, and forgiven. There are many reasons that affairs occur, and we can help you determine what they are and how you can resolve the problems at hand. These three common relationship problems are only a few of the situations for which couples therapy would be beneficial to both sides of the relationship. To learn more about when you should seek out help, contact our office for advice. You can still save your relationship.