There have been so many losses for teens and young adults this past year in the pandemic. They have lost recitals, sports seasons, graduations, and first years of college. In addition to these milestones, they are also missing out on an important developmental stage. Young people are supposed to differentiate from their families and launch into adulthood. They need to be spending time with friends, in extra-curricular activities, and in after-school jobs. These are the opportunities that build confidence, autonomy, and self-efficacy so that they can be effective when they are eventually out in the world on their own. However, instead of mastering these tasks this year, they have been sitting at home in front of a computer.

Adolescent Therapist

The social-emotional losses for young people this year have been huge. This is why now might be a good time for young people to consider therapy. Therapy can help them to organize and process through complicated emotions that have arisen during these unsettling times. Therapy can help them to develop coping skills to navigate through difficult feelings and challenges, so that when the world is finally ready for them … they are ready for the world.

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