Today I want to talk to all of you women out there who are hungry for change and needing things to be different in your lives. Those of you who are physically tired, those of you who are emotionally exhausted, and those of you who are scared of what might happen if you really start standing up for the things that you need to shift in your life.

This year I had the opportunity to make some pretty bold changes in my marriage and in my home. Then I did something really crazy and bold and I put myself first. I walked away from my business for 6 weeks and I even walked away from my children and I took myself abroad. It was terrifying, and it was also important and necessary.

It is terrifying

That’s the truth about making bold changes in our lives. First and foremost, it is terrifying. However, please don’t wait for the fear to subside before you start moving forward because that day may never come. We have to learn how to move towards the things that we want even when we are afraid. Often times as we get further down the path, we realize how many of those fears are false and really hold no weight at all.

It will not happen to you

The second thing that I want you to know about any bold changes in your life is, it will not happen to you. Evolution and expansion, whether it’s something that you want for yourself internally, in your relationship, in your friendships, your career, wherever it is that you want it, it’s always an inside job. It has to happen through you. As one of my lovely meditation teachers shared with me this Fall, we always have to walk through the fire which is terrifying, but we can’t side skirt it and step around the fire because it’s only when we step through the fire and get to the other side that we can actually look back and see ourselves in a more clear light and gain a better understanding of our true capacities and our true power. We always have to go through the fire.

Find your tribe

However, you are going to be far more successful in doing that and moving forward and not retreating if you are surrounded by a tribe and if you also set very clear intentions with executable items to get you to where you want to be. As women, we tend to do best when we are surrounded with supportive community.

Women Creating Our Futures Conference

So, for any of you who are hungry for some bold changes this year, I would invite you to check out the It is an annual conference that I participate in with my dear friends and mentors, Cynthia James and Jean Hendry. It happens here in Denver every January and it’s coming up this New Year on January 11th. For me, it is a very intentional ritual that I’ve participated in every year where I set aside time for me. I set aside time to get clear on what I need to change that year and I set aside time to surround myself with likeminded women who are going to cheer me on every step of the way. Please remember that I’m here cheering you on no matter what.

CLICK HERE for more information on the powerful women’s conference, Women Creating Our Futures.