Today I want to talk to all of you women who feel as though you may have lost touch with your own sensuality.

Do you feel sexy AND lovable?

The ability to feel “sexy” and also the ability to know how lovable you are, are 2 separate things and sometimes we can have one without the other. However, when you have the emotional security of being in a relationship and knowing how deeply loved you are plus the ability to be in touch with your own sensuality, well those 2 things together make this powerful cocktail of intimacy and sexuality. We know that’s actually where the greatest passion and fulfillment comes from.

If you are someone who has been feeling separated from your own libido or your own sexuality and if you’re setting some intentions to do something about that, I’m going to encourage you to make those changes for your own benefit and not simply for your partner’s. In order to start making those changes, there are 2 things that I would really love for you to take stock about.Things to consider when looking for a psychologist

Healing emotional scar tissue

First and foremost, ask yourself “Where has there been any emotional scar tissue?” “Have there been times when your partner failed to provide the intimacy that you needed or failed to cherish your body just the way it is?” If some of those really safe and secure emotional ingredients haven’t been there, what are those moments that cause the scar tissue? It’s going to be important to heal that.

What messages did you receive growing up?

Secondly, I’m going to encourage you to take stock of your own history and any sexual scar tissue that may have accumulated over the years. A lot of us were raised in a very Judeo/Christian culture that taught us that maybe sex was something that only dirty women do, or only women who were trying to have a baby do, so what were the messages you received early on about being in tune with your own sensuality and sexuality? Unfortunately, we live in a society where over 30% of grown women will have been sexually assaulted or accosted at some point in their life. Have there been any moments in your history when life taught you that sexuality was dangerous or where you were in an unsafe situation? Healing that scar tissue is going to be important as well. Really starting to dig in and tend to these two issues should help you start to get back in touch with your own sensuality.

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