What Should I Expect During My First Consultation?

Although many of our services are available online via videoconferencing, we prefer to conduct all consultations in person at our office whenever physically possible for our clients.  Visiting our homey yet professional office environment helps potential clients to learn a lot about us.  Don’t worry if you feel a bit unclear about what you want out of the process.  It’s our job to help you clarify what you want out to accomplish or change over the course of the therapy/coaching process.  The goals that you establish will guide the agenda for your future sessions.
What should I expect at my first consultation?

A Consultation is Not a Quick Fix

As most of our clients understand, the initial consultation is NOT a quick fix in and of itself.  In fact, quick fixes don’t really exist in our profession.  The challenges and stressors that we assist our clients through are not created overnight.  Likewise, they also can’t be resolved overnight even though Flourish utilizes the most effective tools in the profession.

So the initial consultation does not “solve” anything.  Rather, it allows individuals and families who are motivated to make change to find the professional who will be the right “fit” for them.  Personality matters a lot in this line of work.  (And fortunately, Flourish is full of colorful personalities.)

Finding the Right Fit for You

The relationship you’ll build with your therapist/coach over time is often the bedrock of your self-growth.  Research shows that one of the keys to achieving positive changes during the therapy/coaching process, is feeling as though you’re working with someone who “gets” you and that you can trust.  If you’re working with someone that you don’t respect or don’t trust, the professional guidance that they provide won’t be meaningful to you.

By the end of your consultation, your therapist/coach will provide you with their initial thoughts, assessments and recommendations.  Since we’re not experts in everything, they will also let you know if they’re areas of expertise are the right fit for your goals and if they believe their skills are the right fit for your goals.  They’re also happy to answer any questions that you may have.

A good fit is key to self growth

Let’s Get to Work on Your Stressors

Please bring your calendar to your consultation. Appointments at Flourish book up on a first come, first serve basis a few weeks in advance. If you determine that your therapist/coach is a good fit for you, you’ll want to schedule some follow up appointments before you leave to secure some times that work with your busy schedule.

Therapy/coaching clients are never under obligation to continue services after the initial consultation if they don’t feel that professional was the right fit for them.

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