Initial Consultation

If your household is new to Flourish, a 25 minute initial consultation is provided in person at our office at no charge.  Your therapist/coach will have 50 minutes available on their calendar.  You may leave after your 25 minute consult and there is no charge.  Or, if it feels like a good fit to you and you’re eager to get started, you can stay for the full 50 minutes to make some headway on your goals and the charge for the additional 25 minutes is 1/2 your normal session fee.

If your family is returning to Flourish, a 50 minute consultation is provided at your normal session fee.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

In the event that you must cancel or need to reschedule your initial consultation, please contact your therapist/coach directly. We respectfully request more than 24 hours notice in the event of all cancellations.

What to expect during your first consultation »

Please Bring the New Client Paperwork with You to Your Consultation:

Please download and complete the paperwork below BEFORE your scheduled appointment time. We prefer to spend your 45 minute consultation focusing on you, not on paperwork. These forms can also be found hanging on the wall of our waiting room if you wish to arrive 10 minutes early & complete them then.

Please note: There are 2 separate packets of paperwork – one for Therapy clients and one for Coaching clients. You need only complete the packet that applies to you.

COUPLES: Fill out the Therapy documents. Both partners signatures are required.

DIVORCED PARENTS OF MINORS: If Flourish will be providing child/family therapy for any minors under the age of 15, then all parents who have legal decision making rights must sign the Therapy documents.

Location & Parking

Flourish is located inside of a victorian house on 38th Avenue, between Irving and Julian streets. Our address is 3339 W. 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80211. Our office is cozy and warmYou may park on 38th, on the side streets of Irving and Julian. You may also park in any open spots in our parking lot behind our building, which is accessible only from the alley. Come in either the back door or the front door and make yourself at home in the waiting room. Your therapist/coach will meet you in the waiting room.  
Our location

Our Location

Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a 45 minute consultation to make sure Flourish is a good fit for you. If your household is NEW to Flourish, this is provided at no charge. Busy schedule? Videoconferencing is also available. Let’s Connect  

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