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Wondering if couples counseling is the right choice for you and your partner? Couples counselors are professionals who help couples save their relationships. Counselors can address many problems that couples experience.

Why counseling for couples is sometimes necessary

Understanding that couples counseling is simply necessary for some couples should make it easier for couples who are in need of some professional help to sign up for professional counseling sessions. While most couples will want to resolve any problems they are experiencing on their own, sometimes this is just not possible. This is especially true for couples who find themselves in certain situations, including infidelity. Signing up for couples counseling allows couples to receive professional guidance and direction that supports a healthy relationship.

3 Couples counseling FAQs

Below are three of the more frequently asked questions couples have about couples counseling.

1. What happens during a first couples counseling session?

The first counseling session couples go to will involve the counselor asking the couple many questions in order to understand more about them. It is essential for couples to answer honestly, as the counselor will use their answers in order to offer them suggestions to improve the relationship. Questions will range from simple questions like how did you meet and what attracted the couple to each other, to more difficult questions, such as why did you decide to do what you did.

2. What is the difference between talking to a counselor and talking to a friend?

While most couples will discuss their relationship problems with their friends, their friends are unlikely to offer them the advice they need in order to get through these relationship problems. Friends do not have the training and education that counselors do, which means that counselors have the necessary knowledge for helping couples repair their relationship when undergoing certain problems. Even though friends may be good listeners, professional couples counselors know how to provide necessary guidance and advice.

3. How many sessions do couples have to go to?

It depends. The fact that every couple is unique means that some couples will only need six sessions, while other couples may need 22 sessions. Couples who have been fighting over the same relationship problems for many years are the ones who often require more counseling sessions in order to unlearn their bad habits, as well as learn new patterns of communication. Weekly counseling sessions tend to be more beneficial and offer couples the longest-lasting results.

The bottom line

It can be helpful for couples to understand more about what to expect when undergoing counseling to save their relationship. No matter what type of difficulty a couple is undergoing, they can bring their problems to a professional counselor to learn more about how to deal with those issues. Their problems may be resolved in just a few counseling sessions or they may need to undergo multiple counseling sessions, as every couple is unique.

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