The following are excerpts from a four-part series. To view the Introduction and Part 1, click here.  

Part 2: If You Have Kids, You Will Need to Upgrade

In the days before you had children, a two door coupe may have given you plenty of room and a sporty way to get around town. Once the baby came along, though, wrenching your torso to get the infant seat in the back of a two door vehicle wasn’t so much fun. It became obvious that the coupe no longer worked for your new family’s daily needs. auto-95824_1920Similarly, couples find that the intense demands of time, energy and money that come with parenthood can magnify the relationship challenges that existed before they had kids. Just as they need to trade the coupe in for a family sized vehicle, they also need to add some additional features to their relationship to accommodate the demands of parenthood in order to feel comfortable.  

Part 3: Driving it Hard Will Create More Wear and Tear

Couples who have been through difficult life circumstances will find their relationships are more prone to breaking down and needing repairs.   In fact, relationships often make it up to the peak of a crisis powered by willpower and commitment to one another. Yet in the months that follow, as they coast downward and away from the crisis, becoming detached from one another is common. bmw-1045048_1920Detachment can occur when one or both partners became emotionally exhausted or depressed in the aftermath of major stressors. They may withdraw emotionally from life and from the relationship. It’s not always the climb you need to worry about. Overheating after you’ve gunned it up to the top of the hill can also cause a relationship to breakdown.   Click here to learn more about Flourish’s services for Couples. 
Stay tuned for the final Part 4 of What Your Relationship and Your Car Have in Common.