Oh, 2020, I can’t say I’ll miss you. Here is a poem that accurately describes my feelings about the past year:

“‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land, people reflected on summer, how they saw not one single band. No concerts, no movies, not trips to the game.

A virus was spreading, and kept changing its name. Known as Rona, Corona, and COVID-19. And just how to stop it, had yet to be seen. The orders came down, to shelter in place. “Wash your hands, keep your distance, and don’t touch your face.”

Stay the f*** home, were the words of the day. If you have to go out, keep all others at bay. And while out in public, you must wear a mask. Of course it’s required, do you really need to ask? Limit trips to the market and you must go alone. Just get the essentials and go the f*** home.

Went out for TP, ’cause we needed it bad. When I got to the store there was none to be had. I tried Wal-Mart and Target without any luck. Even Amazon and E-Bay, it was like, what the f***?

All the restaurants were closed, and the hair salons too. We were hungry and shaggy with nothing to do. Homeschool had parents losing their s***. Day drinking was common, everybody was lit.

We got lazy and smelly. Our waistbands got round. But we all stayed at home, we were not goin’ down. Then came the protests and riots galore and the influx of Karens, inside every store. It all went on YouTube, a new post each day. Everyone is an expert with something to say.

It was truly a s***show and people were mad. The world was in chaos, it was really quite bad. A year full of madness, it is all very true. A pandemic, murdering hornets, and wildfires too. We sat and remembered, while awaiting St. Nick. Hoping the new year won’t be such a d***. At the end of it all, I’ll be glad when it’s through. Come on 2021, cause 2020, F*** YOU!”

Although I will not look back on 2020 fondly, I can look back and remember all of us who have persevered through these weird, frustrating, and scary times. 2020 was a true test of grit and resiliency, and tonight I celebrate all of you who rose to the occasion. Happy New Year, all.

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