Executive Therapy

Our Executive Therapy clients range from entrepreneurs, to leaders in a variety of professions, to C Suite executives at Fortune 500 corporations across the country.  They’re not strangers to hard work or responsibility, yet our Executive Therapy clients have significant stressors in more than one area of their lives, causing overwhelm, relationship challenges at home, or feelings of burn out or depression.

As conscientious individuals our Executive Counseling clients value self-growth and prefer to bring their best self to all that they do.  That’s where Executive Therapist Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC comes in.  Angela spent more than 15 years as an employer, supervisor and leader, so she gets it. With 18 years of experience supporting high achieving professionals, she understands the reality of their roles and is able to quickly identify the core issues her clients are facing.   Angela’s training and education as an Executive Therapist allow her to dig more deeply and more broadly into her client’s well-being than what Executive Coaching allows.


Executive Therapy at Flourish Counseling & Coaching

Executive Therapy empowers our clients to:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and burn out
  • Pursue fulfillment during career transitions
  • Create clarity and insight during organizational challenges
  • Map out better work/life balance
  • Pursue their own personal and professional dreams
  • Create a more fulfilling partnership at home and to improve their sexual connection with their partner.


To best help their executives, companies need to draw on the expertise of both psychotherapists and executive coaches with legitimate skills.Harvard Business Review

“I’m not sure I’d be in the same place without all of the support Angela has given me personally and professionally.”
62 year old CEO of a publicly traded financial institution

Executive Therapy for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & C Suite Professionals

Ready to prioritize your wellbeing?  Flourish’s unique approach to therapy is a good fit for:

Left brained individuals who benefit from concrete concepts

High paced (aka impatient) professionals

Clients who prefer candor and a structured approach

Individuals who prefer a highly experienced therapist

Our Expertise in Relationship Issues

Flourish is well respected for its robust expertise in relationships and sexual intimacy.



Relationships that Not Only Last But THRIVE

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Key Facts for High Achievers Considering Flourish

Key Facts for High Achievers Considering Flourish

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