Session Fees

Therapy sessions range from $150 to $175 / 45 minute session, which is commensurate with our team’s high level of experience.

Executive Coaching & Executive Therapy consultations are available at $150 / 45 minutes.  Customized packages are priced separately.

In order to be a good fit for our team, clients should be able to commit a MINIMUM of 2 sessions per month on an ongoing basis.

Ways to Minimize Your Out of Pocket Expenses

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be used for individual therapy sessions.
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be used for individual, couples or family therapy sessions.
  • Through our Pay It Forward Program, Flourish is providing a generous number of partial scholarships for adults & couples for services with Caitlin Ellis, LPCC.  Those who’ve been economically impacted by COVID are eligible to apply for a $120-$140 session fee.
  • We are UNABLE to provide therapy to any individual covered by Medicaid due to Colorado’s mental health laws.

Does Flourish Accept Insurance as Payment?

We all love to have our services covered by insurance when possible.  Unfortunately, insurance companies pay their In Network generalists a contracted rate that’s 50% – 65% LESS than the going market rates for services.  Due to these unsustainably low rates, our small business and its team of experienced specialists are NOT able to contract with insurance companies or to accept In Network benefits as a form of payment.

Complimentary Out of Network Billing Services

However, Flourish provides complimentary Out of Network billing services.  Each month we submit claims on behalf of our clients who are eligible for partial reimbursements through their Out of Network benefits.

If you or your partner are you may be eligible for partial reimbursement for your therapy sessions from your insurance company through your Out of Network benefits.

Clients pay their full fee at the time of the session. Flourish handles the billing for our clients, submitting the necessary information directly to your insurance provider, and triggering them to pay out any reimbursements that are due back to you.

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