Fees, Savings Options & Benefits

All of our services are provided on a self-pay basis.  Fees are commensurate with your specialist’s level of experience and range from $125 to $175 per session, depending on which provider you’re seeing.

Flourish accepts cash, checks, Flexible Spending Cards (FSA), Health Savings Cards (HSA), Visa, Mastercard, & Discover.

Ways to Minimize Your Out of Pocket Expenses

Coaching Clients:

Therapy Clients:

  • Save $12.50 to $17.50 off of each session when you purchase a package. 
  • Households participating in more than one service at Flourish are eligible to split a package between their Flourish therapists to reduce the cost of each session.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be used for individual therapy sessions.
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be used for individual, couples or family therapy sessions.
  • Out of Network Billing is available to process the Out of Network reimbursements on your PPO plan if you’re seeing one of our Senior Therapists.  (Scroll down for details.)
  • Partial Scholarships:  Through our Pay It Forward Program, Flourish provides a pool of partial scholarships for clients who are otherwise unable to afford services at Flourish.  Scholarships are available at different levels (20% discount, 30%, etc) based on what a household needs and what Flourish currently has available in the community pool.

Medicaid Recipients:

We apologize that we are NOT able to provide individual therapy or family therapy to ANY Medicaid recipient(s).  Colorado state law prohibits non-Medicaid therapists, like the Flourish team, from charging Medicaid recipients for services they can receive with no out-of-pocket costs from Medicaid providers.  Although we do not agree with how this law impacts a client’s right to chose their own therapist, we are required to comply with all state laws.

Common Myths Regarding Your Investment:

Myth:  I’ll have to attend every week.

Fact:  The frequency of appointments varies for each of our clients.  Your therapist/coach will collaborate with you about how often to meet to advance you towards your goals while also addressing any budgeting concerns.  Once you achieve good momentum towards your goals, you’ll meet with your therapist/coach less often.

Myth: All therapists/coaches are equally effective.

Fact:  Research shows that in order for clients to have a positive and effective experience, clients must 1) be motivated, 2) feel like the professional they’re seeing is the right “fit” for them.  Additionally, the Flourish team takes a directive and educational approach, offering our clients more feedback than most other therapists/coaches provide.  Flourish clients also leave most sessions with action items to empower them to be proactive in between meetings.

Does Flourish Accept Insurance as Payment?

We all love to have our services covered by insurance when possible.  Unfortunately, insurance companies pay their In Network generalists a contracted rate that’s 50% – 65% LESS than the going market rates for services.  Due to these unsustainably low rates, our team of specialists is NOT able to accept “In Network” benefits as a form of payment.

However, Flourish provides complimentary Out of Network billing services.  Each month we submit claims on behalf of our clients who are eligible for partial reimbursements through their Out of Network benefits.

Complimentary Out of Network Billing Services

If you or your partner are 1) covered under a PPO plan, and 2) seeing one of our Senior Therapists (Marcilla, Amy or Angela), you may be eligible for partial reimbursement for your therapy sessions from your insurance company through your Out of Network benefits.  Unlike other practices who expect their clients to fill out medical billing information and submit their own superbills, Flourish handles the billing for our clients.  Each month we submit the necessary information directly to your insurance provider, triggering them to pay out any reimbursements that are due back to you.

Out of Network reimbursements do NOT interfere with your ability to use your FSA or HSA account, to take advantage of package savings, or to request a scholarship from Flourish.

How it works:

  1. Download and complete the forms “My Insurance Info” and “Authorization to Bill Insurance” below.  You may hand these to your therapist or email them to our Billing Coordinator at Admin@FlourishCounseling.com.
  2. United Clients Only:  United requires that you call them and authorize United to release your info to Flourish Counseling & Coaching before they’ll disclose any information to us.
  3. The week we receive your forms our Billing Coordinator will speak with someone at your insurance company to verify your coverages and deductibles and determine what level of reimbursement is included on your plan.  Your therapist will share these details with you approximately 1 week later so you know what amount of reimbursement to expect.
  4. Clients pay for each session at Flourish in full at the time of services.
  5. Flourish will submit your claims electronically to your insurance company at the end of each month.
  6. Approximately 4-6 weeks later, the insurance company will send both you and Flourish an Explanation of Benefits and include any payments due.  Sometimes they send the payment directly to the client.  Sometimes they send the payment directly to Flourish.  When that’s the case, our team notifies you of the payment and you may either request a check for that amount or apply your insurance payment towards your upcoming sessions at Flourish, whichever you prefer.
  7. Contact our Billing Coordinator at Admin@FlourishCounseling.com or 303.455.3767, x5 with any questions.

Coaching sessions are NOT eligible for Out of Network insurance benefits.  Only therapeutic services qualify.

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