Executive Therapy & Executive Coaching Fees

Executive Coaching & Executive Therapy programs with Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC are priced individually.

A no-commitment consultation is available to new clients at the introductory rate of $300 / 60 minutes.

The consultation includes:


1. A sense of Angela’s experienced approach and personality to determine whether or not she’s the right fit for you.

2. Clarification of your goals for the process, including any additional goals she believes you’d benefit from.

3. Personalized, professional recommendations on research-based strategies that will advance you towards your goals and a written strategic plan of your customized program with Angela.

4.  A self-assessment tool that’s in alignment with your stressors or goals so you can start gaining new insights.

Consultations are available on Zoom or in-person in our Denver office.

Executive Coaching is a Business Expense

  • Executive Coaching services are typically charged to your business but can be paid for personally, if you prefer.  Receipts are readily available to keep your bookkeeping staff content.

Health Savings Accounts Can Be Used for Therapy Services

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be used for individual executive therapy sessions.
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be used for individual or couples therapy sessions.

Complimentary Out of Network Billing Services for Therapy

Flourish Executive Counseling & Coaching it NOT in network with any insurance companies due to the very low rates they compensate therapists.  Flourish is happy to provide complimentary Out of Network billing services for our individual therapy clients and our couples therapy clients.  Each month we submit claims on behalf of our clients who are eligible for partial reimbursements through their PPO plan’s Out of Network benefits.

Clients pay their full fee at the time of the session. Flourish handles the billing for our clients, submitting the necessary information directly to your insurance provider, and triggering them to pay out any reimbursements that are due back to you.  Clients should expect a two month delay while your insurance company processes your claims before you receive an Explanation of Benefits.

Executive Coaching services do NOT qualify for Out of Network billing.


We are unable to provide services to any individual covered by Medicaid per Colorado’s mental health laws.