When the future of your relationship seems uncertain, you want relationship advice that’s solid and effective.  At Flourish, we combine the best of the therapy and coaching professions.  A lot of other relationship “therapists” take a very vague and unstructured approach to helping clients address their relationship problems and don’t provide their clients with much education, feedback or homework. This leaves a lot of clients feeling frustrated in between sessions and sometimes frustrated with the process in general.

Generally speaking, relationship “coaches” have less education and experience than mental health professionals.  Coaching is an entirely unregulated field that lacks any requirements for formal training or education where as therapists have completed three years of graduate school.   There are some amazing coaches out there.  And there are also under-qualified and under-experienced coaches out there.  But because coaches are separate from the field of psychology, they have no access to the 40 years of research on relationships that the field of psychology possesses.  And coaches don’t have access to the tools and strategies that research studies have proven to be effective and beneficial in relationships.

At Flourish our team consists of licensed psychotherapists with 15 to 20 years of experience who’ve been cross trained as coaches.  Most of our clients crave feedback, direction and a concrete sense of what our work with them will entail.  Our relationship expertise is the primary reason clients have sought us out for 11 years.  So we’ve had the opportunity to fine tune our strategies and methods so they feel satisfying and proactive to our clientele.  It’s our unique approach that sets us apart from other therapists and coaches.


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