I wanted to take a second to acknowledge all my fellow moms out there. Like many of you, my Mother’s Day felt like a page out of an alternative universe:

I spent time with my mom who I was able to see but not get close to or hug.

I had a mother-in-law from out of state who had to cancel her visit.

I had a kid who was bummed because sleep away camp has been cancelled for the summer.

And I had a college-age student who is hoping that she’ll get to move into the dormitory this fall, but realizes that no one can give her that guarantee.

I’m sure that you are probably going through some similar losses and changes amidst this pandemic. As women, we are often the self-appointed relationship managers of our households. We are assess everyone’s emotional, psychological, and social needs.

As more data reveals how moms and working parents are being affected in this pandemic, I want to offer some simple tips for this Mother’s Day and through the coming weeks:

1. Acknowledge yourself.

Take a moment to acknowledge yourself. Shit got real, and you have shown up for the people that you love.

2. Be honest about your needs.

Keep a close eye on yourself. Now is not a time to be superwoman. Now is not a time to deny your own needs. Now is not a time to go it alone. I hope you will be honest with yourself, and reach out for support when you need it from others. It’s going to take a tribe to get through this.

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