3 Tips for Allies & Activists

For the past few weeks, as it has been in the national media, the focus of many of my clients has been on all the police brutality and violence happening in the Black community. So I want to share three actionable and achievable strategies for all of you White allies...

3 Strategies for Allies & Activists

Angela shares 3 tips for allies and activists that want to take action to support the Black community: We are here for you as individual, couple, and family therapists! We offer individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. If you feel overwhelmed,...

Under Financial Stress?

By Flourish Counseling & Coaching Founder Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC I had only been a mother for 10 days when I was laid off from the full-time corporate job that was supposed to be waiting for me when I returned from maternity leave. I received a telephone call...

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