What’s your affirmation for this year?

I’ve decided that I’m going to need a mantra to get me through the rest of this tremendously challenging year. I think you could probably benefit from having one too.

A mantra is that thing you remind yourself of that brings you back to your center when you are about to lose your way.

It is that saying that gives you clarity and connects you to your intention. How do I want to handle the chronic stressors in my life? How do I want to show up in my relationships?

For example, my colleague, Jaime Hansen, MA, LPC has a mantra “Do what is right, not what is easy” to remind herself that she could slack on some of parts of her healthy lifestyle, but that’s ultimately not going to be in her best interest. One of the ethical codes that we swear to as therapists says “Do no harm”, and that is one of my mantras this year no matter how stressed out or upset or discouraged I might get. My intention is to do no harm. I can be honest with myself about having those feelings, but I will not give myself permission to take them out anybody else.

Food for thought…what would you like your mantra to be for the remainder of this year?

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