The decision to go to couples therapy can sometimes feel like a bold step. It means acknowledging that there are issues with your relationship, which can be difficult to do or weird to admit. If you are not exactly familiar with the way therapy works, it can seem strange and confusing, and it takes significant effort: getting the right therapist, handling insurance or other financial areas of the decision and finding a time that fits everyone’s schedule.

Sometimes, the notion of seeing a couple or marriage therapist may be dismissed when one or both parties consider it a good decision but are skeptical about how to start and whether their issue can indeed be solved. To solve the mystery, this article outlines some of the signs that show that you and your partner may be good candidates for couples therapy.

Breach of trust

One popular reason people seek couples therapy is the desire for help with getting over a major breach of trust. It could be infidelity involving sex, an emotional affair, constant lies or dishonesty regarding finances. In any situation, rebuilding trust can be possible by creating a platform where each person is allowed to express his or her fears and concerns.

Recurrent arguments

You might realize that your routines are becoming more conflict-prone. Your situation could be minor arguments or overblown discussions that cause a lot of drama. In any case, when it becomes a pattern, then something is wrong.

Communication is not so good

You may often feel ignored or misconstrued, or perhaps you feel less aware of the events going on in your partner’s life. Usually, one of the most significant results of couples therapy is better and increased communication. An expert counselor can give you tips that will ensure you connect, understand and listen to each other better and more regularly.

You can feel that something is wrong, but you cannot place it

Couples therapy is not aimed at only solving issues but also identifying them. Perhaps the vibe of your marriage has changed but you can't explain it. Maybe you do not feel at ease with your partner like before or you suddenly find yourself resenting them without a valid reason. This does not usually mean the blame falls on someone, but rather that the relationship could use a bit of revitalization, and the therapist’s office is an excellent place to proceed.

Diminished emotional intimacy

Loss of the original “spark” is a common occurrence among couples after spending several years together. In many cases, the two partners have silently grown apart and have transformed in incompatible ways over a long time and may have even learned to meet their needs somewhere else.

Issues with physical intimacy

Sexual problems can be either the cause or a sign of relationship issues. This means it is always bound to come up as part of the couple’s complaints. Sometimes the physical intimacy may dwindle sharply to none or gradually to a point where one partner feels less satisfied. Whatever the issue is, a good counselor can help you deal with the situation.

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