I wanted to share with you the new intensive sessions that our senior team is offering. They are perfect for those impatient individuals (A.K.A all you guys out there) who don’t find the traditional model of therapy (1 session a week for a long period of time) attractive at all.

They’re also a great fit for couples who are really in a place where they need some rapid momentum because things have gotten rather tough.

What are intensive sessions?

Intensive sessions are a 5 hour session. It gives you the opportunity to clear a day on your calendar and really focus on what’s most important in your life and make incredibly rapid momentum during that timeframe.

They are provided by our senior team, Amy Couchman, Marcilla Tims, and Angela Sasseville. We’ve all been doing this work for 16-22 years now.

If you’d like more detailed information, CLICK HERE.