Are You Feeling Bored, Blah and Flat?

We are officially 320 days into this mess, so it’s probably not too surprising that so many of you are reporting to me that you’re feeling just … blah. Unmotivated. Every day just feels exactly like the next. There’s not as much hope in your bloodstream as you would...

Supporting Kids During the Pandemic

During this unfamiliar and chaotic year of the pandemic, most everything in the ways in which we navigate life has had to change. It stands to reason that our parenting techniques and the ways in which we support our kids must adapt and adjust as well. Read more about...

Being A Therapist In A Pandemic Means

Therapist Being a therapist during a pandemic means you don’t get to escape from COVID very often because at least three times a day clients are going to need to process how it’s impacting them and that’s the job. Then you have to go home and live it yourself and deal...

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