Relationship counseling is for more than couples. It can also be helpful for families and close friends. Essentially, anyone who values their relationship and wants to improve upon it can benefit from visiting a therapist for counseling.

Counseling can help with communication

While counseling can seem taboo, it is anything but. Just like it is important to visit the gym and exercise for physical health, it is important to visit a therapist for relationship health. Dealing with relationship issues without the help of a professional can be more challenging and sometimes impossible.

I have the professional experience and methods to helping people learn how to communicate with each other in a healthy way. By working together, I can help the patient address underlying issues and practice the most effective method for moving forward.

Who benefits from relationship counseling

In my office, I help people reach a better place in their relationships. Some people are at a crossroads where conflict is high and they need to make a decision whether or not to continue in the relationship. Others are at a point in which they can see the relationship going down a path of negativity. Still, others want help to improve a relationship that simply feels stagnant or blasé. Some of the people who visit for relationship counseling are:

  • Couples in a romantic relationship (dating, engaged or married)
  • Best friends who have some sudden or serious conflict
  • Family members who are at odds, such as parents, children or siblings

What happens during relationship counseling

My counseling is a judgment-free zone. Those who come to counseling are often afraid that they will be accused of doing something wrong, making a mistake or being the source of the conflict. This is not the case at all. In order to have positive and helpful dialogue, it is important for everyone to feel safe, heard and have the opportunity to express themselves. Typically, in a relationship, there is no one person who is completely at fault.

Instead, it is both people that contribute to the issues and need to make changes for the situation to change. When two people are willing to work together to improve the relationship, it is possible to do so. A therapist is a facilitator who allows for these conversations and open exchanges to take place. By asking carefully-crafted questions and facilitating conversation, it is possible for people to express the cause of their concerns.

It is then possible for the other person to hear them before reversing the exchange. With two people expressing themselves in a positive way and learning how to move through conflict, it is possible for relationships to heal.

Visit us for relationship counseling

Relationships cannot change and improve overnight. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes two people who are willing to work at it. One of the first steps that you can take to make positive changes in your relationship is to call and schedule an appointment. The counseling is going to be based on your individual needs and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, I will work with you and the other party to come up with a plan that everyone can feel comfortable with. Overall, we must all be open to experiencing change.