dental-surgery20169a When searching for a “marriage counselor near me” there are several things to consider. First, it is important to find someone that you and your spouse are comfortable with. There needs to be an atmosphere where you both feel calm so that it is easier to communicate and share openly. If this is not something you have encountered in the past, we encourage you to visit our office and experienced firsthand how warm and welcoming it is.

Tips for Finding a “Marriage Counselor Near Me”

We encourage you to visit our office for marriage counseling. If out of the area, here are ways to locate a therapist, including:
  • Searching on Google Maps or a local business directory
  • Yellow pages
  • Recommendations from friends
  • Online reviews

Things to Consider

Finding the right fit is important because it sets the foundation for a positive and constructive experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Location matters

Ideally, visiting a therapist within 15 or 20 minutes of home makes it easier to maintain regular appointments. Therapist locations that are farther away than a 15 to 20-minute drive can become challenging.

Style makes a difference

Each therapist has their own style or way of doing things. It is necessary to find a therapist that fits within your own personality type and preferences.

Check for services

There are different types of marriage counseling available for specific situations. You need to find a therapist that offers the services you and your spouse are looking for.

Payment options

It is much easier to know the payment options before scheduling the first appointment. Feel free to call our office and see what is available before scheduling an appointment. We can go over all necessary information and answer any questions over the phone.

Appointment times

Time restrictions due to work, school or family obligations can make it challenging to schedule an appointment. So be sure that the available appointment times fit into your availability.

Read reviews

We can provide references or reviews upon request, so feel free to ask. When reading reviews, it is important to keep in mind that every patient visiting therapy has different goals or objectives. What one couple needs or is looking to achieve is likely different from what another couple needs. Reviews are highly subjective and the best way to find out if a therapist is a good fit is to schedule an initial appointment. We encourage you to do so with our office and are happy to answer questions at any time. Reviews can help patients gain a better understanding of the type of practice, services offered, what to expect and the general style of the therapists.

Schedule an Appointment Today

To speak with a “marriage counselor near me” call our office and schedule an appointment. Our experienced team can help you and your spouse to reach a place of improved communication and satisfaction in your relationship or, when necessary, we can help you to separate as amicably as possible or explore your options.