Career Challenges: Pain Pulls Until Vision Pulls

Executive Coaching

When it comes to challenges in our careers very often pain pushes us towards change until vision pulls.

We very frequently start out in a state of negative emotions whether it’s exhaustion, over-working, burnout, or maybe even resentment. Those are the pain points that push us towards accepting that maybe it’s time to make some kind of a change. Then if we allow ourselves to move in that direction and be accepting of the idea that change may be coming, we reach an opportunity in which we can pivot from negative emotions into positive emotions. Positive emotions such as imagination, synergy, inspiration, and collaboration. And so pain pushes until vision pulls.

If there is some type of career challenge in your life and you feel like you are in the pain point category and have not yet reached the vision category then I want you to ask yourself, what is it that you would need in order to pivot and instead of feeling exhausted about the old way start feeling excited about the new possibility? Would you need more clarity on what you are moving towards? Would you need a plan? Would you need a career coach? What is it that you need to get to the space where vision can start pulling you? 


Career Counseling for Professionals

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