At some point in most relationships, couples will suffer from marital problems. While this may sound severe, the word, “problems,” is not necessarily a dirty word; rather, a word that encompasses a range of challenges which are simple facts of life. You can be immensely in love with each other and have a beautiful family but still have difficulties in your marriage. Difficulties never mean failure or that a divorce is imminent. It simply means that there are issues you both need to work through and sometimes it is far easier to work through them with the help of a counselor. We are here to assist you regardless of what causes the grief within your relationship.

Here are some of the more common reasons that married couples call us for help:

#1 Communication difficulties

Communicating effectively with a partner can be more challenging than some think. It requires doing more than simply talking about what you want for dinner. Discussing the thoughts and feelings that you have on important issues and things that really matter can be more complex than with others. Ironically, personal conversations can be more challenging with the person closest to you. Your spouse wants to feel supported and included in your life. He or she may take personal responsibility for some of the sadness or pain that you are feeling.

If you are stressed, they may react by becoming defensive thinking that they did something to cause your stress or did not do enough to prevent it. This can create a communication spiral where both people feel like they are under attack and lead to the closing of dialogue. By visiting us for counseling, we can help you to develop the communication tools that you need to effectively share how you feel inside. We can help both of you feel understood and heard. Typically, this leads to significant relationship improvements.

#2 Family stress

Very often the stress a couple feels is a result of the rest of the family and not from the couple's own personal relationship. Marital problems can easily arise due to conflict with how the children are being disciplined or raised; how parents are trying to interject and influence things; or even how extended family influences day-to-day activities. You need to learn how to deal with family stress together so that you can both be a united front instead of fighting each other.

#3 Job loss or financial stress

When one or both of you loses a job, it can lead to significant issues. First, the job-loss can impact self-esteem in a negative way and it can result in increased depression with the individual. Secondly, the financial stress and burdens that arise after a job loss can lead to an incredible amount of stress. Money is a leading cause of divorce. If your marital problems include financial stressors, seek help right away.

#4 Major change

When a major change takes place in one's life, it can throw the balance of the relationship off. This is common with empty nesters when children leave for college.  In some cases, parents do not understand how to communicate and work together when children are no longer in the home. Regardless of what your major life change was, it does not mean that you should endure marital problems. We can help you to create a new dynamic and thrive in it.

#5 Infidelity.

When a marriage suffers from infidelity, it must be dealt with in a healthy manner. Infidelity is not something that can be swept under the rug since it will influence your interactions with each other. There is no right way to handle it. Only the way that is right for you and we can help you to work through that.

Regardless of what your marriage problems are, we can help. Call today and schedule an appointment for counseling.