EMDR & Resourcing

EMDR provides clients with holistic relief – emotionally, physiologically, and cognitively. EMDR goes deeper than traditional “talk therapy” because it accesses the sub-conscious mind using neuro-science techniques.

Developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro in the 1980’s, EMDR has been deemed to be highly effective by numerous research studies for over 35 years. Therapists must spend 60 hours of continuing education just to learn how to use this science, so it’s a robust and powerful set of tools.  Flourish’s has been using this toolbox with its clientele since 2009 and has seen great results.


The best known toolkit in EMDR is its Trauma Reprocessing techniques which help people heal from upsetting events. Haunting losses and traumas get locked inside the mind, body and nervous system and are stored there indefinitely. EMDR allows clients to release these locked up experiences so they are no longer as upsetting and so they no longer damage a client’s sense of self-esteem and security.

A second, lesser-known tool in the EMDR toolkit is called Resourcing. Flourish has used Resourcing extensively with clients for over a decade. It’s a great fit for clients who are willing to glance back on their past and acknowledge the challenges, but who are more present and future oriented and DON’T want to spend too much time looking backwards. 

Resourcing is also a great fit for Flourish’s high functioning and high achieving clientele. It allows your therapist to help you cross-reference files in your brain regarding your unique strengths, your database of experiences, and your personality to empower you to handle things in a new and improved way in the future.

Knowledge is for the Mind but Experience is for the Body!

Using the concepts discussed in the last 4 minutes of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Ted Talk, Trauma Reprocessing allows us to redirect the neural growth factor that’s been feeding your old behaviors, so the old behaviors and beliefs are no longer being fed and that circuit is broken.

Resourcing allows you to build new neural connections and to embody knowledge, not just cognitively but in your body as well. “You’re instructing your body chemically to understand what your mind has intellectually and philosophically understood.” This allows us to neurochemically condition your body to memorize the positive changes you want so you can reproduce them at home.

Key Facts for High Achievers Considering Flourish

Key Facts for High Achievers Considering Flourish

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