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Therapy for Kids, Teens & Families

Do you have concerns about how your child is acting, changes in behavior, or your child seems unsettled or restless? Therapy may be beneficial for your child if:
    • Your child or adolescent is being bullied, is bullying others, or having other social challenges.
    • They’ve started to receive poor grades or is getting into trouble at school.
    • Your kid seems anxious, insecure or depressed.
    • They’ve been through a big loss or have been through a disturbing event.
    • You and your partner have recently separated or are having difficulties co-parenting.
    • Your high school student is under tremendous academic pressure or preparing their college applications.
    • They could benefit from learning some positive and effective new ways to lower their stress.
Flourish offers either therapy or coaching to families, based on which better suits each family.

How Can You Tell When a Kid is Anxious or Depressed?

Watch our video to learn the symptoms and signs that parents should pay attention to.
Family therapy

Our child & family experts work with kids ages 6 through young adult and their parents to:

    • Show families how to foster understanding and increase cooperation.
    • Help families deepen the sense of security within their relationships.
    • Empower parents with effective tools for changing their child’s behavior.
    • Help parents bridge the gap between their different parenting styles.
    • Assist children in coping with their parents’ separation & divorce.

Looking for Individual Therapy for an Older Teen or Young Adult?

Click here to learn about our services that are custom tailored for young people ages 16 – 24.


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