Teen & Young Adult

The ages between 16 and 24 can be a tough time in a young person’s life. This is the stage of life where a person matures and evolves into their older selves, becomes an individual separate from their family, and learns to deal with relationships, school or job pressures, and life stressors as an individual adult. It’s a lot!


Life can feel overwhelming when looking to your future stretching before you with so many decisions to make and so many new situations to navigate. Deciding what to do after high school and/or college, all while during the uncertain times of a global pandemic, sometimes provokes feelings of anxiety and depression.

Treatment for Depression

Experiencing anxiety and depression can be especially overwhelming and confusing as a young person. Learning to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression early on in life is incredibly important to a person’s development and overall success and happiness in life in the future.

During high school and college, there is an interesting dynamic at play for young people and their families. A young adult is all at once becoming an individual separate and distinct from their family, while often still being very much intertwined with their family. This almost always creates complications in the family relationships, which is normal, but nonetheless often very stressful.

Relationship Advice

It is powerful for a young person to work through these relationship stresses in therapy in order to gain a greater understanding of how their family system impacts them, as well as how they conversely impact their family. Therapeutic work can help clients heal past emotional wounds that may have occurred as well as improve relationships in their family.

Attending therapy as a young adult, while the mind is young and flexible, allows people to develop positive coping skills and helpful thought patterns which they can carry with them throughout the rest of their life.

Adolescent Therapist

Licensed Psychotherapist Caitlin Ellis, LPC loves working with young adults first and foremost because they are so smart and funny! She has a wonderful time getting to know the lives and stories of my young clients and becoming a support to them during difficult times. She considers herself to be young at heart, so she finds it easy to connect with younger clients around the struggles of their formative years. Her hopes to give them a positive experience in therapy early on in their lives, so they will not hesitate to reach out for help should they ever need to later in life.

Teens & Young Adults (ages 16-26) who receive therapy from Caitlin receive a special rate of $125 per session, providing them and their families with a $25 per session savings to help get these young people safely through the pandemic.

Flourish also gifts Teen & Young Adults seeing Caitlin consistently with our popular online class Clarity Get SHIFT® to teach them how to create more positivity and confidence, a $149 value!

Caitlin Ellis, LPC