We provide counseling for marital problems, something that can be incredibly effective for couples that are struggling with their relationship and would like to improve it. Too many people go into marriage anticipating that everything will happen naturally, there will be very little conflict and that the relationship will just naturally evolve in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, these are unreasonable expectations.

Marriage is the blending of two separate lives, creating a unit and having two people go through all of life's changes and experiences together. Naturally, there is going to be some level of conflict because life is often not easy. The key is to develop the tools necessary to go through life changes successfully, learn how to better communicate with each other and to deal with conflict in a healthy manner. We help couples to develop these tools.

Reasons people visit us for counseling for marital problems

We help couples that are struggling with a variety of challenges. Some of the more common challenges include:

1. Extended family

When couples first get married, especially younger couples, it is common to have challenges with extended family. Consider the fact that each individual has spent their entire life within their individual family dynamic. The introduction of someone new into that dynamic is not always smooth or easy.

We will need to make expectations and adjustments on both sides, improve communication with each other/extended family and make compromises in order to ensure that each partner feels like a valued part of the family, most importantly within the relationship.

2. Children

It is common for married couples to want children. However, doing so creates a new set of challenges. A couple must learn how to co-parent, adapt to their changing roles and still maintain a healthy relationship with each other. Some couples struggle with this immediately while others are more prone to challenges as their children age and begin to leave the home. Working with a counselor can help to make these transitions positive ones.

3. Infidelity

When one or both partners are unfaithful, that does not mean that the relationship has to end. We work with plenty of couples that decide they want to work on their relationship and try to improve it, rather than heading straight to divorce.

To accomplish this, it requires healing and eventually moving on so that the relationship can go forward in a healthy manner. While this is challenging to do, it is possible if both people commit to improving the relationship and working through this process in a healthy manner.

We also help couples that are struggling from general discontent

As a provider of counseling for marital problems, we know that a lot of people visit us for help when they are struggling from general discontent with their marriage. It can be difficult to stay satisfied and called over the course of many years or decades. While it is possible, it takes working on the relationship. We help our clients so that they can experience satisfaction or happiness within their marriage.

Visit us for help

We understand that each of our clients is different and recommend scheduling an appointment with our office to discover how we can help you and your partner to have a fulfilling marriage.