Couple’s therapy has a stigma that tends to chamarital-problemsse people away when it is actually an extremely useful tool in helping couples work through issues. Any couple can benefit from speaking with a professional about their relationship. In fact, it is a misconception that therapy is only for people who are in trouble and on the verge of divorce.

Therapy can be quite effective for any couples that are looking to improve their communication and their relationship. In fact, we typically recommended therapy on a regular basis.

How couple’s therapy can help your relationship

There are numerous reasons to schedule an appointment for therapy, including:

#1. Improving communication skills

It can be difficult for couples to communicate with one another. Communication is not talking about things like doing the dishes or what to have for dinner. Communication is s a deeper level of conversation where each party feels comfortable expressing personal feelings and thoughts. It can be even more difficult for a partner to actively listen and to provide affirmation.

This can create a situation where neither partner feels heard, respected or cared for. Communication is critical to the success of any relationship. Thus, when there are problems in this area, therapy can be the best step. We provide couples with the tools they need to communicate and can work with them to improve communication on a daily basis.

#2. Resolve past issues

There is bound to be conflict in a relationship along with certain problems. One person will always hurt the other’s feelings. This is just a simple thing that happens in life. However, if the couple leaves this issue unresolved, it can lead to resentment and additional conflict. In this case, visiting our clinic is a good way to help resolve any past issues that can be causing problems today.

Without doing so, couples may carry baggage and hurt feelings throughout the rest of their life and this is simply not healthy.

#3. Deal with external relationships

External relationships with family members, friends, colleagues, or even an affair can create issues within the relationship. Some are well-meaning like a "helpful" best friend or mother while others are purposefully creating division, as is the case with an affair. Regardless of who they are, it becomes necessary to discuss the impact the person is having on the relationship.

Couples also need to begin the process of better managing the situation or creating separation from them. This can be difficult to do, especially when one partner is hesitant to the idea. Couple’s therapy can help both partners to work through the problems that others cause and reach a level of resolving.

#4. Discuss the future

Being on the same page regarding future goals and lifestyle choices is not always easy. This is especially true when making major decisions such as where to live or when to have a family. Sometimes having a third-party participate in the discussion can make it more productive and respectful.

As a therapist, we create a safe space where each person can freely express their feelings and ideas, making it possible to communicate openly.

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