There are many life events that warrant coming in for couples therapy, including major work changes. Most adults spend the majority of their life at work and sleeping. When work changes, it can impact all family relationships for multiple reasons. Schedules can change, there may be adjustments to the income, the demands can be different and more.

Few couples view work changes as a major life event that could lead to conflict but it very often does. Visiting our office and speaking with a therapist during the transition can help to prepare the way for a positive outcome in which everyone feels respected and supported.

First, keep in mind that couples therapy is not scary

Couples often avoid therapy because there is a misconception that therapy starts the road to the end of the relationship; which is not the case. In fact, ongoing therapy can help to prevent ending a relationship. Open dialogue and communication are essential for keeping a healthy and positive relationship. We use humor in our therapy sessions so we guarantee less stress. In fact, we work to diffuse stress by making it easier for couples to speak to each other openly and calmly.

With a professional in the room facilitating dialogue, most couples find that it is easier to engage with one another and discuss certain topics that may otherwise be sensitive. This is especially true when it comes to working changes because one party could be taking on a tougher job and more responsibility in order to provide more income for the family. The other may be less concerned with money but concerned with the lack of time being spent it home. These conflicting viewpoints and values can then leave too stressful confrontations. In reality, a couple is typically on the same page more than they realize and it is a matter of reframing the communication.

Work changes warranting couples therapy

If you are unsure of whether couples therapy would be the appropriate step after a major work change, consider these factors. If any of these are present, there are certain benefits to scheduling an appointment:

  • Jobs that require in-state travel and late hours
  • Jobs that demand frequent out-of-town trips and overnights
  • Swing or night shifts that put couple or family schedules at odds
  • Lower income earning to accommodate a dream job or to further happiness
  • Going back to school while also working or leaving work to attend school full-time
  • Reduced hours due to cutbacks
  • Increased overtime hours to help pay for family expenses

Essentially, any time that there is a significant change to a partner’s work schedule or income earning, it is going to impact the family and this can lead to stress. Even if both partners are on the same page, children in the household may begin to act out due to feelings of neglect or abandonment. While, hopefully, this is not the case, it would be prudent to consider this as a possibility and plan for how to address it.

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