Couples therapy can be a great resource for individuals who are in a relationship or marriage. It can be used to solve interpersonal conflicts, as well as to improve romance. There is a common misconception that therapy of any sort is only useful when dealing with a significant issue; however, that is far from the truth. Individuals can undergo couples therapy to simply have a third party available to listen and provide help where needed. Couples therapy can be a big step for some, which is why it is worth considering the following information that outlines when it might be necessary or helpful.

When might couples therapy be necessary?

Outlined below are a few scenarios that may indicate a need to visit a couples therapist.


Conflict is bound to happen in a relationship or marriage. It is nearly impossible to prevent conflicts from occurring because nobody is perfect; however, what is important is knowing how to tackle the conflict. Sometimes, couples require the help of an outside resource, such as a couples therapist. The following conflicts are the most common ones that occur in a relationship or marriage.
  • Blending of families when children or stepchildren are involved
  • Infidelity that has caused trust issues or hurt feelings
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex or gambling
  • Lifestyle changes such as moving to a new place or a new job
  • Grief from death, loss of a job or another unexpected event
  • Stress, anxiety or depression


There is a common misconception that couples therapy is only for dealing with problems; however, that is far from the truth! Some couples do not experience conflicts that they feel need to be remedied by a therapist. Instead, they may just want to improve their relationship or marriage by working on communication skills or expressing their feelings. Additionally, one of the parties or both may have a desire to work on their romance.

Deciding to go

It can be very difficult to commit to going to couples therapy, but there are many benefits to reap. While the factors listed above do indicate a need to visit a therapist, it is important that both parties in the relationship are on the same page. When making a big decision, such as starting couples therapy, it is necessary that the decision is made together. If one person in the relationship forces it on the other, the results are not likely to be positive. Instead, talking it through and considering the benefits of going can be helpful in the decision-making process.

Get started with couples therapy

Couples therapy is a great way to work through certain conflicts, as well as to improve one’s overall relationship. There are many benefits that accompany therapy with a significant other, which is why it is worth considering. To ask questions, get started or learn more, reach out today! An evaluation can be done in order to determine what to expect from therapy. Are you considering couples therapy in the Denver area? Get more information at