If you are having challenges with your adolescent child, call our office and schedule an appointment for couples therapy near Denver. Most couples are unaware that one of the most difficult times in life for married people is when their children become teenagers. The adolescent phase in life is one that brings about a great deal of change.

While teens are changing, parents are changing too. The misunderstandings and disagreements can increase as a family attempts to establish new family dynamics. Unfortunately, as more stress takes place within the home, couples can have difficulty dealing with that transition as a team, causing further marital strife.

Why is this such a difficult season for couples?

Each couple is different but there are some common threads. For one, by the time a child has reached adolescence, keep in mind that this can range from 12 to 22, parents are reaching a critical point in midlife. This is when adults tend to evaluate their accomplishments, may feel dissatisfied with work and other achievements and may be looking for a change in and of themselves.

Also, for married couples, the time together has probably taken multiple twists and turns, so the "honeymoon stage" is certainly over. This means that even if a couple was not raising an adolescent child, there could be some level of dissatisfaction and personal stress. With parents going through this season of change and self-evaluation, the ability to also cope with changes a child is going through can be reduced.

From a biological perspective, this is also a season in life where women can begin going through menopause and men can lose testosterone, creating changes to a couple’s health, level of sexual activity and how they feel or perceive themselves. When combined, this can lead to a period of personal change and conflict that makes it that much more difficult for a parent to deal with the changes happening with their child.

This does not need to be a season of marital strife

With the right help, tools, and willingness to work together, couples can turn a season of conflicts or dissatisfaction into one of happiness and joy. Sometimes, this requires attending couples therapy near Denver. Our approach to therapy is one that creates the possibility for open communication and dialogue, the ability to laugh or find the humor in difficult situations and to establish the tools necessary for long-term success.

It is possible to have a thriving marriage and relationship in all seasons of life when the right amount of effort and care are placed on maintaining the health of that relationship. We are here to assist in that process.

You are not alone

If you feel that you are the only family struggling as your children are undergoing adolescence, know that you are not alone. There are a lot of factors at play but it is possible to thrive regardless of them. We encourage you to call and schedule an appointment for couples therapy near Denver so that we can help you to do so.