divorce-counseling52017Going through a divorce is all too common and many couples wonder if they really need divorce counseling. If you are not sure about divorce counseling, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be able to help you and your significant other work through the divorce with our professional services.

Have you made up your mind?

First, consider whether or not a divorce is eminent. Many couples find that in order to resolve issues, they need to spend time apart while going through the counseling. In some situations, reconciliation is a possibility. Thus, prior to making a final decision, it can be worth considering attending a counseling appointment or two.

What counseling is like

There is no set process for counseling, so we can structure the counseling as necessary. Counseling can be a way to work through the challenges that come from separating assets or create a healthy space for the couple to speak about the emotional challenges of a divorce. Many couples will use counseling to have a third party present to moderate and keep things calm. What is constant in divorce counseling is that it is a safe place to express feelings and thoughts. Counseling is a place to address things that might otherwise go unsaid in order to facilitate healing.

It is not easy

Divorce is a difficult process that no one wants to go through and can leave scars. Emotionally, divorce can be like losing a loved one to death because of how drastically it changes a person’s and family’s life. Having someone there to provide support can be incredibly valuable.

Chose how to go through a divorce

Yes, there will be pain and grief but it does not need to last forever or even for years afterward. Leaving things unsaid between spouses and children, following a divorce, can only lead to resentment and guilt. In many cases, people will hold onto these for years following a divorce and never receive the closure they need. Counseling takes time and work but can provide the peace and renewal the family members need. It is possible to choose how to go through a divorce. Those who ignore the emotion of the divorce and just hope it goes away, often find that it does not. Those who tackle these feelings head on and work toward resolution often have an easier time moving to the next phase of life. If the pain and baggage of the marriage and divorce never go away, life does not get any better. Consider that risk for a moment. Divorce counseling can help by making it possible to move through and out of the stages of divorce into a brighter tomorrow. For help, call our clinic and schedule a consultation.