divorce-therapist-denver As a divorce therapist in Denver, we can work with you through the process of divorce and help with the healing afterward. Choosing to divorce involves the untangling of an entire life and every aspect that goes into yours. This includes the furniture you share, the money in your savings account, your retirement accounts, pets and your children. The emotions and extenuating circumstances of the separation process can make the process incredibly difficult. The process is stressful and we understand that. We empathize with what you are going through and can help you get through it. A divorce therapist in Denver can help you to:

#1. Understand what’s really important to you

In a divorce, you must take the time to self-evaluate. You need to understand what is important in your personal life going forward. Several events likely occurred to get you to this point. Now that you are here, understanding what is important to you and why will help you to move forward. In some cases, your freedom may be the most valuable. In others, you may be focused on remaining in your home because of the sentimental value it has. Whatever holds the most importance to you, needs to become your central focus. By finding a central focus, you will begin to realize that some of what you and your ex-partner are fighting over, really do not hold value to you. This will free you up to stop so that you can refocus your energy.

#2. Grieve without becoming stuck

Grief is a normal and essential process. You need to allow yourself to grieve in whatever form it takes. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to spend the weekend curled up with a good book, then do it. The key is to grieve without getting stuck. Remaining in a state of grief for too long can prevent you from moving forward to a more positive place. Working with a therapist can give you the tools you need to get through this stage in a healthy way.

#3. Make decisions

While emotional, it can be difficult to make life decisions. Unfortunately, this is one season that requires one to make constant decisions You will need to decide everything from where you want to live to who you will continue to have as friends and even what you will do for work. Making choices is hard and you may find that you are unable to do so with confidence. During therapy, we can go over these situations with you, help you to determine what is important to you and how to achieve your desired goals. With help, even momentous things can be broken down and tackled one at a time.

Speak with a Divorce Therapist in Denver

You do not have to go it on your own. With help from a therapist, you can get through your divorce, thrive, and live a rich and meaningful life.