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Relationships that Not Only Last but THRIVE

Our Exclusive New Curriculum for Individuals and for Couples

We’re thrilled to be sharing our new curriculum with all of our clients who are facing marital problems. Think of it as the “Cliff Notes” to 40 years of research from the nation’s top 3 leading relationship experts.  This program will teach you the key insights to improving communication, connection and intimacy with your partner. This unparalleled program was created by our Executive Director and award winning author, Angela Sasseville.  It uses our clients time between sessions efficiently and effectively.  It empowers our clients to take positive action through:
  • 3 brief but powerful assessments to highlight the dynamics that need to be addressed
  • Formal feedback on the strengths and deficits of your relationship
  • Brief, educational videos to teach you how to be successful in relationships
  • “Homework Assignments” to complete between sessions
  • Concrete strategies that have been proven by research to be highly effective
Available exclusively to our individual and couples therapy clients at no additional charge. Learn more about our unique approach to relationship challenges. Or contact us to schedule an initial consultation.