Today I want to talk to you about synergy and how you can create more synergy with your partner or your family inside your home. Synergy is that sweet space where everything is just clipping along and flowing and everybody’s getting along pretty harmoniously. Who wouldn’t want more of that, right? Well, there are two things that you can be intentional about that will actually help create more synergy in that space.


Intention #1

The first and foremost is to be playful more often. Playfulness is a very powerful quality for you to bring to the table and sometimes it will be contagious and other people will catch on to it. In fact, there is research that says that when it comes to you and your intimate partner, using humor is one of the most powerful ways that you can connect with each other. Have you ever heard anybody say, “There’s too much humor and playfulness in this family?” No. That’s not really a thing. So, intention number one, try to be more playful more often.

Intention #2

Use gratitude like it’s going out of style. Whether it’s your kids or your spouse, everybody loves to be caught doing something right. Use the phrase, “I really appreciate_____” on a daily basis. Make a conscious effort to be grateful for their qualities, for their actions and to let them know how grateful you are.

Those two things will help you be the driving force, the dominant mood in your household and create more synergy.

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