I cannot tell you how many people I am talking to lately who are moving up the corporate ladder, or growing the businesses that they own, or taking advantage of the strong economy and experiencing promotions and success in all of its variety of forms.

However, I’m also noticing a really strong pattern in terms of how often these new opportunities bring an increase in stress into our lives and can also bring unwanted lifestyle changes with them. For example, I might have more play money on the weekends, but I’ll actually have fewer hours that I can spend outside of the office. So, I wanted to toss out a few caveats for perspective this week.

I believe that there is always a cultural pressure present in our society, especially if you hang out with other successful folks. The pressure says, you should take every opportunity you can to move up. You should take on more responsibility. You should do anything within your power to make more money and in a strong economy or strong real estate market, you should do everything that you can to maximize those opportunities. I think we all to some degree, both men and women, feel that cultural pressure on us at times. However, I would like to suggest that that is a very antiquated way of looking at our lives. It lacks a holistic perspective and it may not actually lead us toward the most sustainable course of action either.

If you are someone who has been really overwhelmed by how crazy good things are blowing up in your career or in your business, or you are really questioning what you want this next chapter to be about for you, I would encourage you to ask yourself a few questions.

Question #1

How is your self-care these days? Are you getting that in on a regular basis or do you need more for you?

Question #2

Where are you shortchanged for time in your life? Is it in a relationship? If so, shortchanging the amount of energy and bandwidth you have for a relationship can only be done for a limited amount of time before it’s going to backfire on you. Then you’ll wind up here in my office and we’ll work on it.

Question #3

What are 3 things that you value more than making more money? We all have them and I bet you could actually come up with more than 3, but take a moment to get some clarity for yourself about what really matters most for you. Make sure as you maximize the opportunities you’re accepting, that you’re doing it in a sustainable and holistic perspective that does not cost you an important relationship, your health, or something else that you’re simply not interested in sacrificing.

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