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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

  • Identify your unique career & life values so you can differentiate between opportunities that are a great fit or a poor fit for you.
  • Gain radial clarity around what isn’t working for you currently.
  • Identify and overcoming any blind spots or self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Receive support around the various challenges in your life & collaborating on a plan to move you forward.
Life Goals & Life Challenges

Life Goals & Life Challenges

Are you ready for some positive change? Do you want to advance towards some of your long-term goals? Would you lie to release old patterns and behaviors and feel more conscious about your decisions? Then let one of our coaches assist you in getting unstuck & get you moving down your own unique path through life.
 Freedom Coaching

Freedom Coaching

At Flourish we respect diverse beliefs and use the word “spiritual” to mean something different than “religious.” We’re also not here to tell anyone what to believe. Rather we help clients use their beliefs to achieve greater fulfillment. Angela is a certified Freedom Coach, trained in the powerful strategies developed by Cynthia James. Freedom Coaching provides energetic & spiritual strategies to set oneself free from an old issue that’s been holding them back from living out their greatest potential. Contact Angela for pricing and availability.
Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

For those eager to build their life’s dream or to take their small business to the next level, Angela provides coaching to assist them in learning how to be more profitable, find greater fulfillment, and identify strategies for lowering stress.  Additionally, she works with family-owned businesses to help them gain clarity where their work relationships complicate their familial relationships.
Coaching for Parents

Coaching for Parents

  • Gain clarity around your parenting type and how you can enhance your relationships at home.
  • Learn discipline strategies that are both effective and compassionate.
  • Get input from a parenting expert to help you and your parenting partner to “get on the same page” about your kids.
  • Address the unique challenges of being a single parent or of blending families.
Sessions are available a la carte. Or save $135-$155 on a package of 8 sessions!

Our Coaching Philosophy

The coaches at Flourish are trained in the holistic Whole Person Coaching approach. That means we believe all of our clients possess the ability to successfully design & navigate a life of their choosing. We trust that anyone who seeks to make conscious decisions and better their lives can obtain the knowledge, skills or resources that they need in order to accomplish their dreams. Coaching empowers clients to clarify what matters most to them and to utilize their unique gifts & talents to become innovative about making positive changes in their lives.

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