Coaching Expertise

Innovative & Effective Strategies for Busy Professionals

Career Coaching

Traditional or Intensive Formats

  • 45 minute and 90 minute sessions are available with all of our team members.
  • Longer Intensive Sessions provide rapid insights, stabilize rocky relationships, and propel clients forward quickly.

Effective & Modern Tools

We use a variety of contemporary resources to shift our clients forward.  Our team uses research based systems that have 25-40 years of data to support their effectiveness.  Our Online Classes provide clients with access to tools from the comfort of home.  Flourish’s proprietary program Relationships that Not Only Last But THRIVE teaches clients the keys to fulfilling and sustainable relationships.  While our Get Clarity (R) SHIFT Course propels them towards more positive results in their lives.

Small Business Owners

Action Oriented

Clients leave most sessions with relevant “homework assignments”, providing them with action items they’re accountable for that will continue to propel them towards their goals.

Busy schedule? Don’t live near our Denver office?

No problem! Flourish also provides services online via videoconferencing.

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Schedule a 25 minute consultation to make sure Flourish is a good fit for you.
If your household is NEW to Flourish, this is provided at no charge.
Busy schedule? Videoconferencing is also available.

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