Things to consider when looking for a psychologist If you need to find a psychologist, it is important to locate one who you can feel comfortable with. Speaking with someone about the challenges you are facing, important life decisions, grief, abuse, or other myriad issues requires a level of openness. It is critical that you are comfortable enough to express yourself, and that starts with being comfortable around your psychologist. A few things to consider are:
  • Would you be more comfortable with a man or a woman?
  • Do you feel more relaxed with a certain style of communication?
  • Does a particular office environment cause you to be stressed or to unwind?

Find a Psychologist Near You

One of the ways you can make your visits more enjoyable is to decrease the stress caused by commuting to see your psychologist. Location matters because you never know when you will need to schedule an appointment and whether that appointment will need to be on your lunch break, right after work, etc. We will work with you to schedule your visits for times that are convenient, and the closer you are to the office, the easier it will be for you to get here without feeling rushed.

Find a Psychologist With Experience

When selecting a psychologist, you should look for one who has experience in the area you need help with. Like with most things, the more you work at something, the better you become. Flourish Counseling & Coaching has been helping people for more than a decade, and several of our individual therapists have been working with clients for more than 15 years. Our years of experience have allowed us to hone our best practices and identify new ways to create a positive impact on the lives of our patients. Our services range from EMDR to individual therapy, couples therapy, coaching, working with the LGBTQ community, financial empowerment, achieving greater fulfillment, decreasing stress, healing after terrible events, and more. With our team, each of us specializes in the areas we are truly passionate about. Our clients benefit from working with psychologists who are true experts, working on ways to continually help more people. We invite you to read our team profiles and see who you think might be best suited to your style, the experience you are looking for, or who has a personality you feel you could relate to. Otherwise, feel free to call our office, and we can make a recommendation and schedule an appointment for you. We are committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience and that the time you spend here is positive and uplifting while helping you reach the next stage in your personal development. Becoming the best version of yourself, letting go of negativity and pain, reaching for your goals and dreams — none of this is easy, but you can do it. We can help get you there. To start your journey, call and schedule an appointment today.