If you are looking for a "marriage counselor near me" and need one right away – call our office.  We help a lot of couples that are in a situation where they need a counselor and they need one urgently. This is actually incredibly common. While some people call us because they see an issue building and want to address it along the way, with most couples there tends to be a tipping point where something snaps, something breaks in the relationship to where one or both parties can no longer deal with the status quo and professional intervention becomes absolutely necessary. In this situation, most couples are at a loss for what to do without having a current therapist that they're seeing. In this case, we encourage you to call our office and we will schedule you as quickly as possible.

"I Need a Marriage Counselor Near Me This Week"

If you are in a situation of absolute breaking and feel as though you must see a therapist this week, or you feel as though you are not going to make it, we ask that you tell us that when you call our office to schedule a consultation. We are empathetic to the needs of our clients and families, so if it is an absolute urgent situation and we are booked, we will do whatever we can to try to be accommodating to you.

"I Am Looking for a Marriage Counselor Near Me Before We Go on Our Vacation"

If you are planning your family summer vacation and are fighting all of the time with your spouse, you may want to visit our office for a session prior to hitting the road. It can be incredibly taxing to go on vacation with someone who you are constantly fighting with. If you have children, it can ruin their vacation as well to feel as though mom and dad are constantly at each other's throats, or walking on pins and needles around each other. By visiting our office for a therapy session, we can give you tools to help improve your communication and have a calm and relaxing vacation. When you get back, you are likely going to need additional sessions to actually address the core issues that are causing your relationship difficulties. However, in the meantime, it is wise to have tools that can help you to better equip and to learn how to enjoy time as a family.

Call Flourish Counseling & Coaching for Help

If you need help, call us.  We are here to assist you in restoring your relationship, dealing with challenges, improving your communication, and restoring your sense of calm and purpose. It does not matter why you need therapy, whether it is to prevent an issue, help you to thrive, or deal with an emergency. We are here to assist you in all situations and help you to live a full and happy life.