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Looking for information on divorce counseling? Unfortunately, it is estimated that about 42 to 45% of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. This leaves many people in a great deal of financial, situational and emotional distress.

Many people head for divorce counseling to get over their grief, manage their emotions and get their lives back on track while starting a new one. Both men and women seek divorce counseling, and it can help in many ways in the short and long term.

Dealing with the emotional toll of divorce

When people fall in love, they have high hopes and invest a lot of their emotions and time into a relationship. When they find themselves getting a divorce, life can come crashing down around them and they feel trapped or powerless over their life and their circumstance. This can lead to depression and unfortunately even thoughts of suicide. If you are having these types of thoughts you should contact a professional mental health worker immediately as they do care and really can help you.

If someone is having a very difficult time dealing with a divorce, even if they feel they caused the divorce, seeing a divorce counselor will help them gain a different perspective and process their problems. A counselor will not make all the problems go away immediately, and there may always be regret and pain for some. However, counselors can help you move on slowly and recreate your life so that you can live it to the fullest down the road.

Managing the children involved in divorce

Divorce not only affects the partners — it will directly affect the children of a divorcing couple to some degree, greater or lesser. In many cases, this cannot be avoided, but divorce counseling can also help you and your children cope with both the divorce and the aftermath that it brings. Children many times feel responsible, especially if they act up a lot and they may blame themselves when they are really not at fault.

Great care must be taken with children of divorce. When kids are involved, you need to know how to tell them what is going on, help them understand they are not at fault, and other important considerations. Divorce counseling can help you deal with issues surrounding your children.

How divorce counseling can save you money

In many cases, people who find themselves having a divorce will reach out to people such as their divorce attorney to help them handle their emotional problems. Lawyers are not therapists, and although they may listen to your complaints or venting, they may also not be the best ones to help you.

Many times people have spent endless hours talking about their exes on the phone to get out their frustrations, but they are also racking up huge bills for hourly lawyer rates in the process. Talking to an attorney about your problems will not help you significantly, and you can save money by talking to a real divorce counselor instead.

Are you in need of divorce counseling?

If you are going through a divorce and need some support, we encourage you to contact our office today to set up a consultation.