As 2019 comes to a close and the holiday season begins, I want to talk about the effects that gratitude can have on our energy and our relationships. What exactly does gratitude do to our energy, and why do we all notice a little boost in our attitudes when we pause to really focus on what we are grateful for?

I happen to be a trained faculty member of an incredible body of research which focuses on energetic frequencies, and all the information that has been gathered about them over the past 25 years. Any different vibration that we might be experiencing ranges from 50 megahertz all the way up to 700 megahertz. Any time we pause to really focus on gratitude, our vibrational frequency actually increases to 540 megahertz. Gratitude is a very high vibrational state to be in, and a very high mood or energy to experience compared to other moods and energies out there. And so what gratitude does for our bodies is, the more time we spend time being thankful, then the more endorphins our body starts to make and the more energized our body starts to feel. The world suddenly gets brighter, and we are actually lit up from the inside.

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