When was the last time that you paused to celebrate your own success? Whether it’s an achievement at work or maybe it’s just some recognition for handling something better in your personal life.

Self-recognition is so important

So often, we expend a lot of energy making sure that we don’t come across as egotistical or braggadocios to other people. However, we go too far because we don’t usually balance that out with any self-recognition. When we reach a major milestone or we make a significant improvement, or we accomplish something that we know we had to work darn hard at, often times, we don’t even pause to celebrate our own success. Maybe to take ourselves out to a nice dinner to acknowledge our efforts before we move forward and try to tackle the next thing.

Take a moment to celebrate yourself

So, here is a question for you. What have you done or shifted or achieved over the past 6 months that you feel truly and genuinely proud of? AND can you just pause and celebrate that and spend some time rolling around in some self-recognition, maybe like a pig rolling around in mud, and let yourself feel good about it?

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