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Executive coaching can be considered a tool that allows individuals and teams to make maximum use of their potential and resources. Now, some tools are good at what they do, while others simply do not work. Other tools can do the job they were made for, albeit with mixed results.

In which of these three categories does executive coaching fall?

Executive coaching: What it is and how it helps

Executive coaching takes place in an organizational setting. There are three parties that participate: the organization sponsoring the coaching, the coach and the client.

The coach transfers skills that can help the client improve certain aspects of their professional life. In turn, the organization benefits, as its staff becomes more effective, efficient and productive. This makes executive coaching an investment on the part of the organization, with an expectation of tangible results.

So, does executive coaching actually yield results? It depends.

What does successful executive coaching look like?

Individuals who go through executive coaching spend one-on-one time with a coach who assesses their needs, strengths, interests and weaknesses. The coach then helps the client work toward an agreed-upon goal. Together, the coach and the client create a plan to achieve said goal.

The plan includes a series of tasks that the client must clear on their path to the end goal. It also includes specific measures and tools that the client employs to reach these milestones.

Successful executive coaching involves a transfer of skill and information from the coach to the client. The client can use the resources they gain to improve one or more aspects of their professional and personal life. Ultimately, the client can become more productive and successful. They can make meaningful contributions to the organization, which creates a nice return on investment for the sponsors of the coaching.

How to make sure coaching works

There are important aspects to ensure that executive coaching works. Here are a few:

  • First, the coach and their client must form a good and constructive relationship; the coach and client must understand each other in order to achieve results
  • The client must be engaged and motivated in order to reap benefits from their time with the coach; they must actively participate in the process
  • The coach has to craft and deliver an effective program that yields actual, measurable results; this means that the coaching has to be more practical than abstract, hence the need for end goals, tasks and milestones

Executive coaching works when done the right way

For executive coaching to yield results, the coaching team has to sit down with the organizational sponsor and agree on what kinds of results the organization needs. The coaching team will then proceed to craft a tailor-made program for each client.

The final product will be a team with members who have the soft skills and tools to improve the organization as a whole. Interested? Then get in touch with us and let executive coaching work for you.

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