To Our Cherished Clients,

It’s our intention to continue our work with you as stress rises. We all know that the closure of local schools, and the other events taking place are creating stress on relationships, on families, on leaders, on parents, and on adult children of the elderly.

It’s literally our job to help you lower your stress. Flourish has been a part of the local community for 15 years and we’re ready for this challenge. Keeping your sessions is the most effective way to let us support you. Your sessions are your time for self-care so your therapist will check in with you to determine how much time, if any, you want to spend on your personal COVID-19 stressors.

Here are some ways we’re adapting how we support you:

  1. We offer videoconference sessions on Zoom to individuals, couples and parents. Research studies show that virtual therapy sessions are every bit as effective as in-person sessions. Just let your therapist know if you’d prefer to meet online.
  2. Since you only encounter a couple of people when you come in to the office, we’re still in the office and ALL commonly touched surfaces in our office are being disinfected daily. Help yourself to the disinfecting wipes.
  3. Flourish is Mama-owned and operated and your kids are always welcome here. Toddlers can hang out in the room near you. Older kids can hang out in the waiting room. We’re working on plans to have my teenage daughters, Oriel and Cosette, onsite to provide free childcare during your session. Please contact your therapist for details and schedules.

Stay tuned to the page or the blog on for beneficial insights on lowering your anxiety and leading with purpose during this time of challenge.

Be well,

Angela, Marcilla, Amy, Caitlin, Jaime, and Mo

Here’s a picture of Angela’s awesome daughers!