Is there a big change that you’re longing to make in your life but you’re feeling somewhat afraid? It’s very common for us to have conflicted feelings about this. On one hand, we want to make improvements in one area of our life, but then on the other hand we are fearful of upsetting the apple cart. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking about changing jobs or pursuing significant changes in your relationship. We know that a lot of organizations and a lot of family systems have an unconscious resistance to change. They don’t mean to fight against it but often times they do. That’s because the old way of life and the old patterns are familiar and predictable, even if we’re sick and tired of them.

Have Some Faith

If you have been going back and forth on whether or not to take the leap and pursue a big change in your own life, my first suggestion is to try to go forward with an optimistic attitude and to have faith that there are greater possibilities available in your job, in your relationship, in whatever arena of your life that is. Try to have some faith.

We All Have Blind Spots

Secondly, please be aware that you may have some assumptions of your own and you may also have your own blind spots that are making the situation harder on you. That’s one of the great aspects of the work we do here at Flourish – being able to shed light on blind spots that people have had until then. Then, they can identify new possibilities that they hadn’t seen before.

Are Your Fears Accurate?

Third, if you have been feeling trepidatious about moving forward it can be helpful to put all of your fears into writing. Jot them down on paper in bullet point form. Then take them one by one and ask yourself, do you have 100% verifiable evidence that that fear is in fact accurate or could you possibly be wrong? Could it potentially be unfounded? The majority of the time, our fears make themselves out to be so much bigger than they actually are in reality. Every single time in my own life that I have decided to make meaningful changes whether it’s with my business, in my personal life, or in my marriage, fear ALWAYS comes up. However, I have found that if I can just move forward even if it’s just with baby steps, that I refuse to allow the fear to paralyze me and then as I gather more information, a lot of those fears turn out to be inaccurate and unfounded anyways.

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