Marriage CounselingMarriage is a long journey, and at times, marriage counseling is necessary to keep going down the road together. Life can throw significant and unexpected curve balls one’s way. This is true regardless of how old you are or how long you are married. Even couples that have journeyed together for decades may find that something extraordinary or out of the blue happens that is not in line with what their expectations for life have been. We often refer to this as a loss.

A loss is a part of life that can cause immense heartache and sadness, but it is a part of life nonetheless and something that few people escape from entirely. The question is, how do you deal with that loss? How do you survive? And how do you regain your sense of purpose and well-being so you can move forward individually and as a couple? We can help you answer those questions during your counseling sessions.

Types of Loss

The loss does not always come in the form of death as one might think. Yes, most couples will eventually face the loss of parents or loved ones. While death is one of the most common forms of loss in life, most married couples experience subtle forms of loss. In some cases, it is a loss of self-identity.

The loss of self-identity is common when children eventually grow up and leave the house. It is also common when one partner leaves the job after years of dedicated work. Anything your identity is tied up in that suddenly disappears, can lead to a loss that feels akin to a death. This sudden disappearance can cause you to lose your sense of self or purpose. The resulting confusion and loss of direction can lead to anxiety and depression. When one is in a confusing situation, it is not always understood by the other partner, which can lead to further conflict.

Another type of common loss is a financial one. Something happening to your finances, such as a home being foreclosed; a job being lost or downsized; the accrual of significant expenses like medical bills that were not anticipated; and more, can all lead to drastic lifestyle changes.  It is perfectly natural to be accustomed to your way of life. As a couple, you probably have a balance that you have established in your home that is based on certain factors remaining constant.

Your employment, a particular home, a set amount of finances, etc. are all part of what creates an overall sense of stability and well-being. If any of those are eliminated, the loss can be catastrophic since it impacts the entire ecosystem of your home. Surviving this loss is not easy. to survive, it often requires marriage counseling to work through it in a manner that is healthy and productive for you both.

We Can Help

Regardless of whether the loss you are suffering from is physical, emotional, mental, or financial, we can help you work through this season of loss so you can move forward into a season of rebirth. This is an opportunity to redefine your own personal values, sense of self, and the goals you have for your life going forward. Marriage counseling can help you work through these life transitions so you can thrive going forward.