Many couples are unsure of when to seek help from a marriage counselor in Denver. Often, people feel that hiring a counselor is akin to giving up or admitting failure. This belief is far from the truth. As a professional, we help married couples sort through some of the issues that are causing daily conflict and strife, learn how to listen to each other, work together and to reach a greater level of enjoyment in their relationship.

Marriage is a marathon

There is a mistaken belief that once someone reaches adulthood, their development stops. The truth is that development is constant and ongoing. When adults first marry, there is much more development that is going to be taking place after the marriage. Sometimes a couple will grow and develop together and it is seamless.

Other times, one may go through a different developmental stage than their spouse due to circumstances or differences in age. Even how people handle these changes and approach them can be different and this can lead to conflict. This does not mean that a marriage is doomed to failure or that a couple no longer loves each other.

It simply means that the couple needs to address and acknowledge the change. The couple needs to learn how to work together in this new and changing dynamic. We can help couples to do so as a marriage counselor in Denver.

Since change is constant, couples need to learn how to successfully cope with it

It would be unrealistic to assume that once a couple has successfully navigated one lifestyle change, for example, having children, that there are no other issues. The fact is that changes will happen no matter what and life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Having children is just one type of change. Having teenagers, reaching menopause, retiring from a job could be one, are all examples of changes that can impact life more than people realize.

In other words, the list of life changes can be endless. With that in mind, it is important for couples to learn how to successfully navigate through and handle change within the context of the relationship. This means the couple needs to learn how to listen to one another, how to support each other and how to be flexible enough to allow for change.

It also requires the ability to think through challenges and to have a healthy response to changes both internally and with a person’s spouse. These life skills are tools that should be established as early as possible in the marriage then may require the occasional adjustment.

Get the tools you need to succeed in your relationship

As a marriage counselor in Denver, we help couples to establish the tools necessary to deal with change throughout the course of their marriage and life. This is valuable in marriage, at work, with the family and even in friendships. To learn how we can be of assistance to you in your relationship, call and schedule an appointment today.